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Mould classification:
According to the classification of hardness: soft mold, die (quenching).
Classification according to quality grade: level one, level two, class three, class four
Classification by difficulty: Class A, class B, class C, class D
According to the size of the mold classification: large, large, medium and small
Definition two, die die and soft mold:
1, hardness: soft mold, die mold
1) soft mold: die steel has been pre hardening, without quenching treatment, but low hardness, HB below 400, the production life of less than 500 thousand times, widely used.
2) die: Die Steel after annealing, processing two rough machining and finish machining and rough machining after quenching, hardness of HRC48 degrees, after the rough machining to retain the machining allowance of about 0.2, because after quenching, the workpiece deformation, to prevent the finishing is not up to the requirements of the workpiece. Production life of more than 50~100 times, small mold applications most.
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